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Internet Security

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Security Information

Security Checklist:
  • When you click to login to Internet Banking make sure that you see the URL address beginning with
  • Be very careful with your personal details. Internet Banking of Akbank AG. is strictly personal and that is why Akbank AG employees will never ask you to provide your username, password or transaction PIN code. Not by e-mail, telephone or any other means.
  • Make sure that your anti virus software is update and it is enabled.
  • Scan your computer regularly against viruses.
  • Pay attention to spyware, these do not get blocked all by anti virus software that is why we advise you to use anti-spy software.
  • Make use of a firewall
  • Check your internet connection regularly. Click on the icon “locked padlock” in your browser. Here you will see the secured connection details. Check your URL address if what you see on the URL address is different than what you see on the details commit no transactions because you are not in a secure connection session with Akbank AG.
  • Never respond to e-mails in which your personal codes are asked, this is known as “phishing”. Criminals send e-mails, in the name of the bank, in which they ask your personal login codes.
Following measures are taken by Akbank AG to protect your safety and privacy:

Login ID and Password
You need to input the correct combination of your Login ID and Password to log on to Internet Banking. Access will be denied after 3 incorrect consecutive attempts for the same Login ID.

Secured Connection
SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol which provides a secure environment for information exchange is used for all information being transferred between Internet Banking System and your browser.

Automatic log off
If you don’t use online banking system for 5 minutes the system will terminate your current session automatically.

We are monitoring and guarding our systems continuously to prevent any unauthorized access and to protect your privacy and your personal details.

Akbank AG performs tests on its systems on a regular basis to detect possible vulnerabilities (by means of ‘hackers test’).

Following measures are recommended to customers for protecting your own safety and privacy:

Protect your PIN code and password
Never give your Password to someone else (including Akbank AG employees). Akbank AG never asks customers to give their passwords. Akbank AG never asks third parties to contact you regarding your banking business with our bank. If you receive an e-mail that directs you to give your personal information or password, please do not react and immediately inform us.
*Please enter our website by writing on your internet explorer address tab only.

Change Password when necessary
If you think someone else knows your Password, change the Password immediately (you can change your PIN code 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through Akbank AG Internet Banking).

Log off
Don’t forget to log off when you are finished working with Internet Banking system.
Never leave your computer unattended when you use the internet in a public area.

Safety Certificate
You can check the safety certificate of the site by double clicking on the padlock sign which will appear in the top right corner of your screen. Here you should see the following URL ( and the name of Akbank AG.

Akbank AG never sends unsolicited e-mail messages with an attachment nor distributes software or updates by e-mail.
Never open e-mail attachments from someone you do not know. Remove such attachments from your computer immediately (also from the Deleted Items folder).
Be very careful with unexpected e-mails with an attachment from someone you do know, when necessary verify the request with the (real) sender by using another communication channel. Never react to unasked for e-mail where you are asked to provide your personal details, user ids and passwords.

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