Trade Finance


Akbank AG provides a range of services to assist its corporate clients with their trading activities in domestic and international markets. Our range of trade products includes export or domestic receivable finance, trade loans as well as cross border guarantees and letters of credit to mitigate our clients’ risk. The products offered by us can be standard products or customized products to match our client’s individual requirements.

We hold risk appetite and expertise to support our client's trade requirements in both Europe and Turkey.

Some of the most common products and services include:

Import & Export Documentary Collections

Export Documentary Collection

With this service, our exporter clients reduce the risk of non-payment by buyer of goods while maintaining control over commercial documents until the payment. Export Documentary Collection Solution is not only a simple and secure but also cost-effective.

Import Documentary Collection

Documentary collection Solution allows you to see and inspect commercial documents before making payment. An import documentary collection is generally faster, simpler and more cost effective than issuing a documentary credit. Moreover, you do not need to place a deposit or use loan facilities, which are required under an import document credit.

Export Financing

Akbank AG provides export-financing solutions to its corporate clients for their pre export working capital needs to purchase raw and finished inventory and production materials, produce goods, accept new contracts and compete more effectively in the international market.

We offer various types of cash loans such as pre-export term loans, invoice discounting, revolving loans, post-export financing solutions and guarantees such as advance payments etc. that are required at various stages of our corporate client’s business contract.


Akbank AG offers factoring services to its clients that have domestic and export receivables with deferred payment terms and that want to purchase goods with a deferred term. Factoring enables suppliers/buyers a new access to raise funds, since there is no necessity to lock their working capital in receivables.

Some of the most common products and services include:

  • Export Factoring
  • Domestic Factoring
  • Import factoring


Akbank AG offers forfaiting services to its clients to finance their receivables covered by a bank guarantee. This is a purchase of receivables without recourse basis. Akbank assumes the risk on buyer and its bank in this product.

Up to 100% of invoice’s face value can be financed and the receivables must be covered by one of the following security or payment instrument:

  • Documentary L/C
  • Payment bank guarantee
  • Promissory note avalized by a bank

Akbank AG especially discounts so often corporate clients’ export L/C receivables or draft/ bill of exchange under confirmed Letter of Credit issued by reputed domestic and international banks.

The draft and bills should be in strict conformity with the terms of the LC and should have arisen out of bona fide commercial or trade transactions.

Invoice Discounting

In addition to loans and factoring/forfeiting, Akbank AG also finance corporate clients’ receivables by the way of invoice discounting. In this product, the client assigns its performing receivables to Akbank that will pay the face value of invoice by a discount.

Our clients benefits are

  • To receive funds immediately after a receivable originates
  • Fund up to 100% of invoice’s face value
  • To ease its balance sheet and accelerate cash flows in without recourse basis transaction
  • No need any other security except for receivables

Import Financing

Depending our clients’ business cycle, Akbank AG provides import-financing solutions to its corporate clients for their working capital needs to import inventory, capital and production goods and deal more effectively with the sellers.

Akbank AG provide finance the buyer against the invoice and transport document and pays the invoice amount the suppliers directly.

We offer various types of cash import loans such as

  • Buyers’ Credit (working capital loan on a pre or post shipment basis)
  • Amortizing Import Loans
  • Overdraft Credit Facilities combined with or without Letter of Credit facilities

Letter of Credits:

Our letter of credits help our client, as buyer or importer, to ease their purchase of goods in international and domestic markets.

Letter of credit is an undertaking by a bank made to the seller on behalf of the buyer (its client) to pay a certain amount if trade documents are presented conforming to terms of the letter of credit in a certain time period.We offer various types of Letter of Credits.