Corporate Loans


Cash Loans

We offer suitable financing solutions including term loans, overdraft facilities, revolving credit facilities and asset financing to large and middle size enterprises and multinational companies.

Our financing solutions have a range from a simple bilateral term loan to large structured multi-currency syndicated loan product depending on our corporate clients’ needs.

We offer a range of services to assist you with your trading activities, either in domestic or international markets. Our range of trade solutions includes selective receivable finance and trade loans as well as guarantees and letters of credit. Our range of working capital solutions includes overdrafts and short-term loans.

Non-Cash Bank Guarantees

For our corporate clients’ various business obligations, we stand by them as Surety and offer Guarantees on their behalf in local and foreign currencies depending of our clients’ need.

We offer various types of guarantees such as bid, advance, financial, performance, etc. that are required at various stages of our corporate client’s business contract.