Corporate Governance

The fundamental governance principles that regulate the relationship between Akbank AG`s Management, shareholders, employees and third parties, i.e. customers, legal authorities, suppliers and all types of individuals and institutions with whom Akbank AG does business are stipulated below.

  • Integrity
    The Bank remains committed to the principle of integrity in its activities, operations and relationships with all of its stakeholders and other parties.

  • Credibility
    Aware that customer confidence lies at the heart of banking, Akbank AG provides customers and all other stakeholders with clear, comprehensible and accurate information and offers timely and comprehensive services in line with the promises made by the Bank.

  • Non-discrimination
    Akbank AG refrains from harboring prejudice against stakeholders based on gender, behavior, opinion or ethnic origin and does not discriminate against anyone under any condition or circumstance.

  • Compliance
    Akbank AG abides by all laws, regulations and standards.

  • Confidentiality
    The Bank does not share any information or details of transactions concerning shareholders, employees, suppliers and business partners and above all personal information regarding customers, with any person or institution, except with those authorities with which the sharing of such information is required by law.

  • Transparency
    Except for the information deemed commercial secret, the Bank informs customers and the public at large thoroughly, accurately and promptly.

  • Pursuing Public Interest and Respect for the Environment
    In all of its activities, practices and investments, Akbank AG acts to safeguard its image, interest and profitability as well as public interest, development of the banking industry, sustainability and the continuation of confidence in the sector while complying with laws and regulations related to the environment, consumer rights and public health.

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      Managing Board