Corporate Governance

1.The fundamental governance principles that regulate the relationship between Akbank AG`s Management, shareholders, employees and third parties, i.e. customers, legal authorities, suppliers and all types of individuals and institutions with whom Akbank AG does business are stipulated below.

  • Integrity

    With regard to Akbank AG activities and relationships with customers, employees, shareholders, legal authorities and other banks, institutions and organizations, the Bank remains committed to the principle of integrity.
  • Credibility

    Akbank AG provides customers, shareholders, employees and legal authorities with clear, comprehensible and accurate information and offer timely and excellent services.
  • Non-discrimination

    Akbank AG neighter tolerates prejudices against customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders based on gender, behavior, opinion or ethnic origin, nor discriminates against anyone under any condition or circumstance.
  • Compliance

    Akbank AG abides by all laws, regulations and standards.
  • Confidentiality

    The Bank does not share any information or details of transactions concerning shareholders, employees, suppliers and business partners and above all personal information regarding customers, with any person or institution, except with those authorities with which the sharing of such information is required by law.
  • Transparency

    Except for information that is deemed a commercial secret and not yet disclosed to the public, Akbank AG discloses to the public financial and non-financial information about Akbank AG promptly, accurately, thoroughly, comprehensibly and in an easy to interpret and easily accessible manner.
  • Sustainability

    Akbank AG aims to contribute to the economic, social and environmental development of society. In all of the Bank’s operations, practices and investments, the Bank’s image, interest and profitability, as well as the public interest and maintenance of confidence in the sector is also taken into consideration.
2.Akbank AG`s responsibilities towards shareholders, employees and third parties are shortly mentioned below;

  • Shareholders

    Akbank AG provides responses to all inquiries that are not commercial secrets based on the principle of equality, thus making it possible for management and the shareholder to be in constant communication.
  • Public Disclosure and Transparency

    The annual financial statements of Akbank AG are made public via Web-Site.
  • Beneficiaries

    Supporting the development of employees to achieve motivation and job satisfaction is among the Bank’s primary goals. Akbank AG’s written and spoken principles, code of conduct and aspects governing relationships with persons and institutions, both internal and external to the Bank, known to the entire Bank staff, have been compiled and put into written form under the title Ethical Principles.

Supervisory Board

Managing Board